Some Tips About Jet Ski Safety

Published on by thepandacover jet skis, water skiing, wakeboarding, and other diversions are an exciting way to spend time on the water, but these activities can lead to tragedy in the event of a crash or accident. Common injuries sustained during a jet ski accident can include drowning, spinal cord or brain injuries, burns, and broken bones.So it is important for all jet ski lovers to keep safe when they are riding a jet ski on the water area.
1 Wear the proper safety equipment for jet skiing. Wear an approved life jacket and eye protection to prevent water spray from obscuring your vision. Tennis shoes or deck shoes and gloves offer better control of your machine, while a wet suit provides protection from the elements. A whistle attached to your life jacket can be used to summon help in the event of an emergency situation.
2 Keep Distance. It's advised that Jet Ski riders maintain a distance of at least 70 feet from other PWC in the water. Remember coming close to another boat or Jet Ski can be reckless and will certainly cause collisions.
3 Prepare a jet ski cover to protect your jet ski when it is not working. There is the primary benefit that drives many consumers to purchase a cover in the first place, keeping the vessel clean and free of falling leaves, dust and similar contaminants. Some of the less-expensive jet ski covers are intended solely for use on a parked watercraft. These covers are typically equipped with hook-and-loop fasteners and are manufactured from lightweight materials.
4 Safety equipment that should be standard when operating any watercraft is a properly fitted flotation device, a lanyard attached to the jet ski key, and a small fire extinguisher. The flotation device is for obvious reasons, the lanyard is so that if the rider falls off the machines engine will turn off and the extinguisher is in case a fire occurs due to engine problems.
A jet ski is a lot of fun but it is a machine, a heavy one at that, and if not used properly can cause injuries or even death. It is important to remember that operators of jet skis and other personal watercraft are subject to the same laws that govern all personal watercraft, and are required to exhibit a reasonable level of care at all times.

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