Notice Winter Olympics 2014 events delayed by Sochi fog

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Because of the fog, The Olympic men's snowboardcross has been pushed back to Tuesday and Cameron Spencer/Getty ImagesAthletes were unable to compete in snowboardcross Monday. Tuesday's race will be under a modified format. There will be no qualifying There will be seven heats of five riders each and one heat of four. The top three in each will advance to the quarterfinal rounds. Nate Holland and Trevor Jacob of U.S. will ride in the same opening heat. and instead the racers will be bracketed based on their world ranking.



The Winter Olympics 2014 events Delayed by Sochi fog.And many people stay at home.We are very agree for this action.and we will must be reminding the driver avoid driving during these times. Also be aware of local areas that tend to accumulate fog,If you need driving out.Please kindly allow More Distance Between Vehicles. Use caution at all times.and adjust the defroster and windshield wiper speed as necessary. Do not shut off the running or "parking" lights, , as they help make your vehicle more visible to other drivers along side and behind your vehicle.please beware of Critters. Animals--especially white tail deer--feel bolder under cover of fog and are much harder to see.and pull over to the side of the road if you have no visibility. If it gets too difficult or thick, pull over and wait. Turning on your hazard lights alerts other drivers of where you are.So please be careful driving the car when you need out.



We are very approve of if you are at home in the fog weather.Please walk If you need out the door.And the walk was very be healthy for your body.About you vehicle,Please use the waterproof car cover or suv cover to protect your car beware of freezing Fog.You can choose go together colour for your car, appear your car temperament.Car is a good friend for need to protect it like a friend.At end,you hope all people be careful on this fog weather and have a nice day.





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