Protect Your Golf Cart By Using Golf Cart Cover

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Golf cart is one of the most important tools for golf cart lovers.People must drive golf cart to play golf so that they can have the fun and enjoy of playing golf.More and more people like to play golf in this society with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard.So maintain and protect golf cart is an important and necessary thing for every golf cart owner.As we all know that golf cart is easy broken and get old in the winter,so we must take some methods to protect our golf cart in the winter.

Decide if the golf cart will be stored outside or in a garage. If it will be stored outside remove the rear rain curtain and bring it inside for the winter. Rain curtains, which protect the golf clubs during rain, are usually held in place by snaps or a zipper.If possible, store the golf cart in an enclosed garage. Keeping it out of ice, snow and other elements will prolong its life. If space is limited in your garage consider transporting the golf cart to a climate-controlled storage storage facility where you can rent a small unit for the winter.Check the air pressure in the tires using a tire gauge.Spray battery acid neutralizer all over and around the battery while following any instructions on the container.Check, tighten and clean all the battery terminal connections. Remove the battery caps and check the water levels in each cell.If necessary, fill the cells with distilled water.Coat the battery terminals with an anti-corrosion gel to ward off corrosion during the storage season.You can generally find the gels at auto parts stores. Use a battery charger to fully charge the battery.

Prepare a good quality cart cover if the cart has to be left outside.Golfers in cold-weather climates look forward to spring and teeing it up for the first time. But if your cart hasn't been properly winterized, that first round of the year might find you walking instead of riding.So the golf cart cover is very important and necessary for you if your golf cart is park in the outside.Buy yourself a golf cart cover. With a cover on it, you can leave your cart outside in the rain or snow and it will be fine. If you leave it uncovered and sitting outside during a rainstorm, and your seat has a little cut, the seat could become water soaked and you might have to replace the seat. A new seat could cost you several hundred dollars to replace.Buy a golf cart cover will not spent many money and you can buy them from many store or online shops such as Panda Cover.

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