Some steps to care Jet Ski

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Do you rinse your personal watercraft off after every use? Salt water can extensively damage the metal propulsion parts of the Jet Ski. If you do not, in order to make your Jet Ski last longer, you should care for this respect. If you want to keep the Jet Ski trailer working properly also, clean it regularly, and check wiring often to make sure there are no shorts.

If you are in Australia now, there are some respects on caring personal watercraft you need to care. Winterizing your jet ski will keep it in the best possible shape and ready to go in the spring. Charge and reinstall the battery every spring. Follow these steps, care your Jet Ski.

1. Maintain the correct amount of oil and gas for the Jet Ski. Verify that there's an adequate level of both fluids in the engine. Older jet skis that run on 2-stroke engines require the fuel and oil be premixed, while the new 4-stroke engines have separate fuel and oil spots.

2. Try starting the engine. Consult a trained technician for proper summarizing. They can drain and dispose of the old fuel and ensure the Jet Ski is in proper working condition.

3. Take the Jet Ski out of storage for the summer early. When stored with fuel in the engine and no fuel stabilizer, add a fuel cleaner and stabilizer before starting it up.

4. Add grease to all seals and bearing fittings. Inspect these areas several times to ensure their working properly. Lubricate the parts at least once a year.

5. Change the engine oil and filter at least once a year. Drain the pump oil and replace it with new oil once a year also.

6. Clean the exterior, seat, windshield and entire body of the Jet Ski every time you take it out of the water to prevent corrosion or staining.

7. Check all the wires, including trim and throttle cables for loose or damaged parts. Replace when necessary.

8. When Jet Ski completely dry, cover it by Jet Ski cover. Quality personal watercraft cover could keep PWC from rain, dust, snow, and other elements.

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