New function of motorcycle cover, prevent potential thieves

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If you need a space to park your motorcycle outdoor, and keep it clean and dry, you need a motorcycle cover. If you want to keep your motorcycle cover safe, do not blow off, do not been stole, you should buy a secure lock. Did you recognize that motorcycle cover can be a protection layer which could keeps potential thieves from easily determining the make and model of your motorcycle? This is a new function of motorcycle cover which you never find.

Motorcycle Locks

A lock that protects the ignition will cut down on your chances of ride-away theft, but it still makes you an easy target for lift-and-load theft. Locking up to a solid, immovable structure (like a street lamp) cuts down on both types of theft. The heavier the chain or cable, the better. Attach the cable through part of the frame on your motorcycle, and make sure the cable is high enough and tight enough that it doesn't rest on the ground. For extra security, use more than one type of lock. If you're riding with a few other buddies, you can loop a cable through all of the motorcycles and lock them up together. That makes it harder for the lift-and-load thieves to carry out their crime.

waterproof motorcycle covers Motorcycle Cover as protection layer to keep your motorcycle from theft

Is it possible? Covering up your motorcycle with waterproof motorcycle covers can also reduce the chances of theft. If the thief can't make out the make and model of your motorcycle, he won't know if it meets his requirements and will be less willing to take a risk. He'll move on to the next motorcycle that's not so well protected.

Portable Motorcycle Storage

Where you leave your motorcycle can also make a difference. At home, store your motorcycle out of sight in the garage or shed if possible. Cover up the windows in your garage in case any thieves come snooping around. If you're parked outside a restaurant or office building, park your motorcycle in a well-lit, heavily trafficked area. It won't guarantee safety, but it's better than parking in a dark alley.

You also can find many other functions of motorcycle covers in your daily using. This is not only one new function of motorcycle cover except waterproof, sun proof, dustproof.


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