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A quality car cover will help you to protect the car looks and value of your investment on car. That is why so many users of car covers highly recommended Car Covers to their friends and online. When you do admit you like to remove your top when you cruise down the street, did you pay attention on its protection? Car cover is one way to do that without indecent exposure to rain or harsh elements. Convertible covers protect your interior while parked with the top down. All users and sellers are highly recommending people to cover their car by quality cover.

How many functions of quality car covers?

1. UV radiation. The damaging effect to the surface finish is well-known.

2. Pollution. Ranks at the top, along with UV rays, as a chief cause of damage

3. Acid Rain. For those in certain parts of the country, this is also an important concern.

4. Heat. Heat build-up inside your vehicle is not only uncomfortable, but also fades and damages interior cloth, vinyl, and leather fabrics.

5. Minor scratches. Occasional scratches and chips show up out of nowhere - even when you aren't on the road.

6. Bird-droppings, debris, etc. And anything else that detracts from good looks.

How many respects we have to be very careful at?

First respect is Moisture / Dust Barrier. All car covers will give you some basic water and dirt protection. But technology now gives you many variations to defend against the extreme elements of heavy rain, snow, airborne pollutants, and dust.

Second respect is Mold & UV Resistant. Polypropylene and other specialty fabrics can be treated to give you a stronger barrier against mold, mildew, and damaging UV rays.

Third respect is Breathable. Most of the outdoor car covers are breathable to some degree - air must easily circulate through and under the fabric. This helps eliminate moisture or condensation under the material, and also reduces heat build-up in the interior of the car.

Forth respect is Impact Absorption. The type and thickness of the fabric will determine how well it protects the finish from nicks, dings, and scratches.

If you have noticed those respects on car covers, you would get a quality waterproof car cover online.


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