What’s element will decide a review well or not on ATV covers?

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Do you always read comment or reviews of products which you want to buy? Price should be the first factor of concern; credibility is the second elements on affecting customers’ shopping actions. Such as taobao.com, amazon.com and eBay.com, those shopping plats own a rating system on credibility. So you do not worry about how to distinguish credibility of shop. But most of online shop, we cannot know its real credibility. We only can know it from customer’s reviews.


When you buy ATV covers for your ATV protection from online store. Except comparing with price among different stores, pay attention on its comments. If one kind of ATV covers can own reviews which like below reviews, it must be great one for you.


First comment

This was a great fit for my 2007 Foreman, even with the rear storage box/seat in place. It was a nice snug fit with the elastic bottom holding it in place well. As long as the elastic holds up over time I do not think additional securing will be necessary to keep it from blowing off as others have. This is not the best cover I have owned but for the price it can’t be beat.


Second comment

This ATV cover is great and it fit my 800 cc two seater CanAm well. Very good price and fast delivery, received covers and everything was fine. Only thing is that they have a five year warranty, but I received no paper work to register the covers, how do they know how long I’ve had them. Other than that the covers are fine, would buy again.


Third comment

Great for my Honda motorcycle! We purchased 2 of these ATV covers to provide full coverage for a number of bicycles owned by my family of 4 to keep the weather off of them and prevent rusting. So far, they're working great to keep our bicycles protected against the elements. Heavy-duty construction, and seems to hold up well to external cold temperatures.

If a ATV cover can got so many good comment, it means ATV covers in this shop are safe to buy. Price is not everything. Comments play an important role on your shopping process too.

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