What differences between riding trike and cycle?

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1. You can make better time on a trike. There is a certain inertia point on a 2 wheeler where you have to slow at turns or you go down. On a trike, you can take the turns 10-20 mph faster because you do not have to watch that your wheels stay under you.
2.  Another difference that many people comment on is that they can enjoy their ride more. They do not have to have their eyes on the road every minute to watch what is directly in front of the wheels. They can look around and enjoy the scenery.
3. Possibly the biggest difference people have to adjust to be countersteering. When riding a bicycle or motorcycle, countersteering is the name given to the counter-intuitive technique used by cyclists and motorcyclists to turn corners. When riding a bicycle or motorcycle, countersteering is a method of initiating a turn by a small, momentary turn of the front wheel, via the handlebars, in the opposite (counter) direction. This process usually requires little physical effort, because the geometry of the steering system of most bikes is designed in such a way that the front wheel has a strong tendency to steer in the direction of a lean. Now, with a trike, you steer like you do a car, and do not lean. This means if you drop your left hand in your lap, and pull back the right handlebar with your right hand, you will turn right.
When you do not ride your trike for a while, you should keep it clean for the next time riding. Some trike covers can help you, which can keep you trike clean from water and dust.
(Resource: leolamotortrike.com. Reedited by www.thepandacover.com)

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