Weatherproof and waterproof scooter covers

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Covers can be divided into two classes: indoor covers and outdoor covers. Such as car covers, motorcycle covers, scooter covers, sport covers and so on. Outdoor covers must be 100% waterproof, indoor covers just for protection which can against dust and kicks. More and more realized they need a cover for their scooter for protection. Assume you are looking for a cover to be used daily and not one for travel that many are built for. If that is the case you may prefer to look for one of the more heavy duty covers constructed for just that daily type usage. Also someone prefers a lighter color if possible as they do not absorb the heat if the bike is covered during the daytime.


Such as Justin, after he communicated with people online on forum. He found it necessary to buy one scooter cover; even he parks his scooter in his garage. He said:" my bike is mostly keep in the garage but from the responses here, I now know I need a cover to keep the bike dry if it rains, protect it from dust and kicks when in the garage, and a cover that I can take with me when I travel. I'm gonna be on line looking for that perfect cover today. Hope the budget can handle it. The temperature here is suppose to be in the 50's here in Chicago today so I think I might take the berg out one more time before spring. I'm still breaking the bike in and still trying to get use to it."


There are many types of scooter covers. There are fancy ones with the manufacturer’s logo’s and the generic types without any markings at all. Covers can come in many sizes so that they can fit over any after-market products you have added to your scooter. What after-market products should you have to think about? Did you add a windscreen to your scooter? How about a top-case? These both add extra bulk.


Except indoor and outdoor classes, there are also 2 kinds of scooters covers, weatherproof covers and waterproof covers. From the reviews by customer, weatherproof scooter covers approach to indoor covers, waterproof covers approach to outdoor covers. The review from this one:” Beware of covers that say "100% WEATHERPROOF”. I bought one off EBay last year. I assumed 'weatherproof' also meant waterproof. IT DOESN'T. Covered my Burg, it rained lightly overnight. In the morning it was soaked like it was out there naked! I checked the website, they have now changed the label to 'indoor cover', and I guess they got too many complaints. But others may still be using the term 'weatherproof'.”

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