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Getting confused in choosing the best SUV for you? Not any more ! List of best SUVS (Sports Utility Vehicles) presented below. These top SUVs have been identified.

1. Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class is the company's popular lineup of SUVs and crossovers. There are four SUV models in the M-Class namely the ML350 SUV, the ML350 BlueTEC SUV, the ML550 SUV and the ML63 AMG. The 2012 M-Class ML350 BlueTEC is one of the most expensive vehicles in this model. It costs about $50,490 to get the base model of the ML350 BlueTEC; more expensive than most of the SUVs in the market. The engine of the 2012 ML350 BlueTEC received good reviews for its performance and handling power.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

Powered by a fierce 5.7-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 engine, the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser is a beast on the road. Paired up with a six-speed automatic transmission, it delivers 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque.

This is a fulltime four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle that is capable of towing up to 8,500 pounds, when properly equipped. There is really not much it can’t handle, and that includes terrain and weather.

If you can get the past the horrible gas mileage, this is an SUV that is fun and easy to drive. Handling is quite responsive, and with its small 38-7-foot turning circle, parking is a breeze.

3. Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV

When you are looking for the ultimate driving experience, you will turn to the 2013 Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV. Zero to 60 mph is achieved in a remarkable 4.4 seconds, thanks to its 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which features charge air cooling, VarioCam Plus and direct fuel-injection.

This powerful engine is paired up with an eight-speed shiftable automatic to scream 500 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. In addition to this ridiculous acceleration, Cayenne Turbo has an impressive 7,716-pound towing capacity. Sadly, performance comes with a price though as you will be lucky to see 15 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway.

4. Lincoln Navigator SUV

Regardless of the economic recession, the 2012 Lincoln Navigator SUV once again epitomizes class and beauty for any driver who wishes to have an elegant sport utility vehicle. While other vehicles in this class might lead consumers to believe that SUVs need to be tough and rugged looking, the detailed wood and leather interior and the smooth silhouette of the Navigator certainly resounds luxury with a hidden sense of adventure. Certainly the frame construction, towing capacity and third row seating Lincoln Navigator leaves the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and the Cadillac Escalade staring in awe and admiration.


Without a doubt, the 2012 BMW X6M SUV is one of the best SUVs introduced by the company. It is nearly impossible to see it for the first time and not fall in love. Nothing about it makes sense, but everything works together to make it truly a one-of-a-kind vehicle. It may look like a large hatch back and technically falls in the crossover category, but it thinks it's a sports car. You may feel just as confused when you take it for a spin; it's hard not to giggle at the way such a large vehicle hugs turns in the road and blows other sports cars away off the line.

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