The way to store a BBQ Grill for winter

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People often grill delicious food in every season. But most of us don't know BBQ Grill. If you live in an area where grilling season ends by September, you should make a plan of action to protect your BBQ grill during the winter. Not only is this essential to the health of your grill, but also as a way to make sure you will not have to endure endless headaches next spring, when you are ready to fire your BBQ grill again.

1. Clean your BBQ grill completely before you store it. Make sure all coal and grease buildup is gone and that there is no food residue left in the grill or on its parts. Take the grill apart if possible and clean it up before putting it back together to store.

2. Make sure your BBQ grill is completely dry before you store it. Water can damage even no-rust grills, so it is important that all parts are dry. If you live in a humid climate, you should consider buying a special absorbent cover for even better protection.

3. Keep apart propane tanks to avoid accidental fires. Unless you live in an area of extreme weather, storing your tanks outdoors may be the safest choice. Avoid keeping your propane tanks in the garage, as there is a risk of pressure buildup.
4. Read your grill manual to find out special recommendations. Some grills do better when covered with protective oil during winter, while others should be taken apart for protection.
5. Store your BBQ grill indoors if you have the space. A garage, laundry room or enclosed balcony can all work, but even a covered terrace is better than leaving the grill completely exposed to the elements.
6. Use a BBQ grill cover if you must leave your grill outside. Special waterproof covers are especially important for gas grills, but charcoal grills should also be protected from the elements.

In addition, before you store your grill for winter, make sure there are no broken parts. If you find something that needs replacement, take it apart before you store the grill, so you can look for the part during the off season. Keep your grill handy if you live in an area of moderate climate. A BBQ grill cover is all you needed to protect the grill and keep it in top condition.

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