The way of Repair Motorcycle Tires

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Everyone will eventually find himself with a flat tire when he rides a motorcycle. Any time, knowing how to fix a flat motorcycle tire is a convenient skill, and in some circumstances can keep the rider from being stranded on the side of the road. Here are some tips on how to repair motorcycle tires.

1 Find out the cause of the flat tire, and remove it. If the puncture isn't easy to find, rubbing soapy water over the tire and looking for bubbles coming from the surface may help identify the location of the problem. Clean the hole with an auger type tool. It also helps to have the edges slightly rough, since it gives a better surface for the plug to stick to. This also gives an opportunity to make sure there are no tears in the flat tire. Holes in a motorcycle tire can be fixed, but torn tires need to be replaced.

2 Cover plugging material and hole with the glue or cement if necessary for the type of repair kit available. Not all kits require this step, and some plugging material already has a coating of glue. Follow directions on the packaging carefully on this step. Do not be skimpy with the adhesive, but don't use so much it can't make a proper seal.

3 Insert the plugging material into the tire plugging tool. For common "mushroom" plugs, open the tire plunger tool, holding the threaded end up, and center the plug in the barrel with the mushroom cap on top. Screw the tire plunger tool down until the drive rod makes contact with the plug. Place the end of the tool against the puncture in the tire and screw down the drive rod until the nozzle is in the puncture. Then screw the plunger into the nozzle.

4 Insert the plug into the hole in the tire. Push the drive rod until the plug is forced all the way through. Use a plier to pull the plug slowly and firmly until it stretches to about two inches. After releasing the plug cut the tail sticking out from the repair flush with the tire. Do not pull the plug while cutting it. Failure to trim the plug causes it to stretch and pull as the tire turns and pulls the plug out of shape causing it to leak, and possibly even to pull completely from the tire.

5 Let the plug sit for 10 to 15 minutes to become fully set. The rubber appears to rebound to full size immediately after being stretched, but it can take a few minutes to become fully set. In cold temperatures the waiting period is even more important than if it is warmer due to the stiffness of the rubber, and to the slowed set time for glue or cement.

Hope the information is helpful for you to repair your motorcycle tire. Of course, someone may have some better ways to repair tires. If you have, welcome to share with everyone.

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