The story about the history of BBQ

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About the history of Barbeque, there are a few of different stories. One of them is the word barbeque is misused.  When you cook steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers (and whatever else you want) on the grill, well hello.....guess what? That is called Grilling!
Cooking meat over an open fire has been around since the cave man. But the cave man didn't BBQ. Why? Because he had no sauce. LOL! Actually, as far as we know, the cave men just grilled over an open fire.
To barbeque (going to use BBQ from now on since it's so hard to type) is slow-cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time over wood or charcoal.  Not gas!
BBQ began in the late 1800's during cattle drives out West.  The men had to be fed (cowboys) and the boss (cattle baron) didn't want to feed them the good meat. So, other disposable cuts were used to feed the men. The main choice for this was Brisket, which is a very tough, stringy piece of meat.  However, the cowboys learnt that if you left this brisket to cook for a long period of time (5-7 hours) at approximately 200 degrees (although I don't know how they  knew the temperature over a fire?)
The basic BBQ grill is a cooking chamber with an offset firebox or a water smoker.  The average Kmart gas grill is not for BBQ, but for grilling.
To BBQ is to truly cook American (although its original origin debatable and argued to not come from America at all.)
You know what they say? "When in as the Romans." This can apply to BBQ also.  Different areas of the country have different meat priorities and preparations.  For example, in the Southeast, pork is the preferred meat to BBQ.  Digging a pit (to concentrate cooking heat and smoke) goes back to European culture. Then it was forgotten until the Jamestown colonists arrived.
Texas seems to love beef barbeque, which seems logical due to all the cattle in the region.
Below I have some traditional BBQ recipes.  But, the sauce is what seems to define a BBQ chef or restaurant.  In the South they seem to like thinner BBQ sauces, with a more vinegary tone.  Other parts of the US prefer the thick, sweet, tomato BBQ sauce.  But in Texas they season their beef with a dry-rub mixture of seasonings.
There are even quirky BBQ's in some restaurants or areas of the United States.  In the early 1900's, New Yorkers loved turtle BBQ. I think that got replaced by New York pizza or cheesecake? I recall vacationing in Wyoming a few years back and coming across a restaurant that offered BBQ Buffalo meat.  (BTW I tried it and it was delicious!)
There is also some argument that clambakes are nothing but a spin-off of traditional BBQs because they are cooked in a pit.  Others claim that the BBQ idea evolved from the fisherman's clambakes. So which came first, the BBQ or the clambake?
It's undeniable that BBQ is popular and well-loved in American society. But, BBQ tastes and cooking differ.  Real BBQ purists claim that a restaurant that offers its customers a grilled piece of meat slapped with some sauce later isn't eating real BBQ at all.  Others say it is, as long as the sauce is there, then it's BBQ!
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