The Kawasaki Ninja 250

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The Kawasaki Ninja 250 has a lot of changes during this 30years, include configuration and increased some colors, was basically unchanged for a quarter century until its redesign in 2008. With very little competition in the US for a small displacement sport motorcycle, the Ninja 250 quickly became Kawasaki's number one selling motorcycle.

In 2011, Honda introduced the CBR250R into the US market. The Nanette suddenly found itself with some stiff competition. With competition comes innovation, so for 2013 Kawasaki has redesigned the venerable 250R in hopes of gaining some market share.

Redesigned, more angular bodywork on the 2013 Ninja makes the motorcycle look a lot like its big brother the ZX-10 superbike. Large slotted air vents dominate the side fairings. The gas tank and tail section have a more sculpted look. New honeycomb wheels have been added as well.

The fan shroud has been changed to force more air to the bottom of the engine, keeping the heat low and off the rider. The large exhaust cans also help disperse the engine heat.

A new engine design is also in store for the 2013 model. New anodized pistons, cylinders, and crankcase give the 250 a higher torque rating in the low and mid ranges. A larger oil pan has been added and more rubber bushings are being utilized to keep vibrations to a minimum.

A redesigned frame and suspension has also been added. For the first time, ABS will be available as an option. The total package with ABS will weigh about 10 more pounds than the 2012 model. About 4½ pounds of that can be attributed to the ABS system.

The most exciting change for many will be the change of the intake system from the old-fashioned carburetor to a modern EFI system in certain markets. The decision to stay with a carburetor in the 2008 redesign was made to keep costs down. It is unknown which markets will receive the EFI update at this time.

Although no pricing information has been released at this time, the announced colors available will be Lime Green, Lime Green/Ebony (special edition), Ebony/Metallic Moon dust Grey (special edition), Passion Red, Passion Red/Stardust White (special edition), and Pearl Stardust White.

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