Take Care Of Your Dog With Some Right Methods

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http://www.thepandacover.co.uk/167-334-home/deluxe-dog-crate-covers.jpgDogs and humans have been best friends for long. However, after the thrill of newness wares off and the reality of taking care of an actual living creature sets in, some people find they are not quite sure how to take care of a dog. Caring for a dog is not difficult, but it does take an investment of time just as any addition to the family does.
1Dog supplies are important and necessary for a dog. Dogs require fewer accessories than us humans, but theirs are no less vital, and by selecting the proper items, you can improve your pooch's health in ever regard. For example you can prepare a dog crate cover for your dog. The dog crate cover can protect your dog from many damages such as dust, rain, sunlight and so on.
2 Give your dog a walk. Dogs enjoy being outside to smell new smells, see new sights, and simply to walk. Start by buying a 6 foot leash and some poop bags. You can find these at your local pet store. Have the dog to the left of you and let about a 4-5" slack on the leash. To run or jog, hold on to the edge of the leash and run, letting your dog be in front of you. If you don't do that, the dog may run into the street and get hit by a driving car not just leading to death, but painful tears.
3 Bathing your dog at regular intervals is necessary. However, giving it a bath on an exceedingly frequent basis can dry out its skin and coat and result in skin infections. The best bet would be to bathe your dog once in a month. In case it gets too dirty in-between, rub it with a damp towel or wash just the paws.
4 Feed your dog a balanced dog food. Your vet can recommend a brand, but most middle- to high-grade dog foods are fine. Don't rely on table scraps to feed your dog. Never give him bones that splinter easily, such as chicken bones. Keep fresh water available at all times.
5 Having your dog neutered is a wise choice in most situations. While this is not considered a major invasive surgery, there is some after-care involved. Taking proper care of your neutered dog is important if you want to avoid infections and pain.

Taking care of your dog is more then just feeding him/her with the cheapest dog/cat food you can find. Give them some affection to show that you love them. Don't force it if it barks or pulls away; take a break and try again later, and if it pulls away don't put it back in its crate. Most importantly, spend time with your pet. Let them know you love them, and they will be sure to love you back, plus give it a treat sometimes, they will love you if you do that.

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