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A scooter requires regular maintenance to maximize its useful life and to keep them running in good shape and operating properly.From oil changes to tire changes, proper maintenance is a very important part of owning a scooter.Failure to do so will eventually result in a terminal failure of the two-wheeled transport and usually at the worst possible time in terms of travel.There are plenty of things many people can do for his scooter to increase its enjoyment and lengthen its operational life.
1 Keep your scooter as dry as possible - this will help prevent rust.In wet weather it's a good idea to have scooter covers for your scooter to stay dry.Scooter covers are handy for keeping the dust and rain off your scooter or buggy whilst not in use.
2Your choice of tires will have a direct impact on how far you can travel on your scooter or moped. Go cheap and your tires will fail with flats and blowouts. Go quality, and you can rely on your tires to last on long trips.Proper inflation maintains good contact with the pavement, reduces engine drag, and avoids smaller issues that can result in flats. Checking your tire treads regularly will tip you off to tire wear and potential snags stuck in your tires that could cause punctures or worse. The last thing you want is a tire blowout when traveling at speed.
3 Changing the Oil is important.Locate the drain plugs for the engine oil if it is not consumed in combustion (two-stroke engines) and for the gearbox oil (transmission). Place a metal drain pan underneath and using a crescent wrench, loosen and remove the drain plug and gasket. Let the oil drain completely into the pan. Re-insert the drain plug with a new gasket. Carefully tighten the plug, but do not over-tighten and strip the engine casing threads.
4 Electrical System should be paid more attentions.The electrical start up system of the Velocity Moped is dependent on the battery. As most mopeds are ridden seasonally, it is best not to let the battery sit inside the bike during its stationary periods. The battery can be accessed under the seat, and taken out by disconnecting the contacts. Do this to increase the battery life, and save the bike's electrical system from constant current. If the battery should die, take it to a garage to have it charged. Never try to jump a moped battery with another vehicle.

You can check your scooter or moped weekly or monthly, but make sure to actually check it.Scooter maintenance is something every rider should be in the practice of implementing regularly. Don't put off the care because it can make the difference between having a good ride or having a serious accident.

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