Some Ways About Keeping Your Boat Clean

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The attachment of slime, algae, barnacles and Zebra mussels are only some of the things that can attach to your boat bottom. Besides being unsightly, fouling growth can increase the roughness of the hull, decreasing the vessel’s performance and maneuverability, increasing drag, reducing speed and increasing fuel consumption.Sea water can damage your boat too.You must clean your boat regularly to protect your boat from damage.
1 There are many quality cleaners and sealants available for keeping the chrome and stainless steel on your boat protected, shiny and bright. After applying a light film on your brightwork, let sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then, wipe off with a clean cloth. After cleaning, you may also want to apply a quality wax sealer/protectant to create a protective barrier against the harsh elements. If your boat’s metalwork is pitted or oxidized, apply a quality metal wax and leave it on the problem area overnight. In the morning, take a piece of fine bronze wool and gently scrub off the wax applied to the pitted or oxidized area. This process, repeated several times, should make a considerable difference.
2 Choose the Right Cleaning Equipment Before selecting your cleaning equipment and products, consider the type of boat you have and its composition.Don’t use a brush that’s too rough, or it could damage your boat’s finish. For most situations, a brush with medium-soft bristles will do just fine. Whatever type or brand of brush you select, make sure the bristle material is durable and strong enough to withstand repeated use, sun exposure, cleaning agents and salt water. In addition to a good scrub brush, be sure to have other necessities, such as a bucket (large enough for your brush), washing pads, a mop, sponges, chamois cloths and towels handy.
3 Wash the Boat Thoroughly After cleansing the engine and the exterior of the boat with fresh water, it is time to focus on the interior of the vessel. To start the cleaning process, find a suitably sized bucket, clean it thoroughly with fresh water and fill it with a quality marine soap. Use a large soft sponge and slowly work your way around the interior of the vessel, using care on those delicate wooden surfaces.
4 Cleaning your boat upholstery regularly will extend the life of it by several years.Fabric boat upholstery is the most difficult to care for. It soaks up water like a sponge, which will quickly penetrate to the foam. Applying a fabric protectant will extend the life of the upholstery, as water and other spilled liquids will bead up and roll off.If you must store your boat on the water or in a driveway, cover the upholstery with a plastic drop cloth and envelope the upholstered end of the boat with a boat cover.
Buying a boat is a big investment, and it is important to take care of your vessel properly.Boat hulls are constantly exposed to the elements. This is especially true if you travel in polluted water, though regular trips in salt or fresh water can also lead to hull corrosion and barnacle growth.Knowing how to clean your vessel the right way is an absolute must, and it is important to learn these boat cleaning skills before take your new boat out for a spin.
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