Some Things You Should Consider When You Maintain Your Bicycle

Published on by thepandacover are among the simplest and most efficient types of transportation available.It's no secret that the modern bicycle is a versatile machine, offering options for transportation,recreation, fitness, competition and employment.The components of your bike may acquire wear and tear through normal riding practices.Performing a few necessary maintenances will guarantee your bike stays safe and functional.All parts of the bicycle need to maintain regularly.Regular inspections will help you catch potential problems before they develop into safety hazards.
1 Brake pads.Just like the brakes in your car, bicycle brakes wear down over time and need to be
replaced.A poor braking system could lead to loss of control while riding, which could lead to accidents and serious injury. If you conclude that your brakes are not working properly, then do not ride your bike; take it to a bike shop to be repaired. If your brakes fail while riding, figure out a way to stop your bike. After you have come to a complete stop, get off your bike and walk home or call for a lift. Have the brakes repaired before riding again.
2 Chain and Derailleurs.The chain and derailleurs allow you to propel the bike and change gears to match riding conditions. Check the chain for wear on the rings and cassette before every ride; clean with a toothbrush and degreaser to remove any dirt or debris. Look for evenly spaced teeth on the crankset and ensure they match up to the links on the chain. Use a degreaser to clean the derailleurs, so that they can range back and forth smoothly as you change gears.
3 Wheels.The wheels of your mountain or BMX bike will slowly rust without regular maintenance and care. Fasten the seat tube into the clamp of a repair stand. Bicycle Tutor recommends applying light bicycle oil onto the rusted areas of the chrome wheels. Scrub between the spokes of the wheel using a piece of fine steel wheel. Rotate the wheels to clean the circumference of the rusted rims. Wipe down the wheels using a dry cotton rag.
4 Grip.Bicycle grips generally feature a rubber construction. Riding your bike on a regular basis will cause your handlebar grips to deteriorate. The most effective way to repair your handlebar grips involves replacing them entirely. Cut down the body of your old grips with utility knife. Be careful to avoid the handlebars with the blade. Clean out the insides of your new grips with a cotton cloth. A helpful hint involves spraying your handlebars with hairspray to displace any moisture. Slide the new grips onto the handlebars to complete the repairs.
5 Pedals.Check the torque settings of the pedals about once a month for a home bike or weekly for a Spinning bike in a gym. If you change the pedals frequently, then check them with every change. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific torque settings for your model of Spinning bike.

There are many things you can do to protect your bicycle and all kinds of products can be used to maintain bicycle.Such as high-quality grease or spray lubricant and bicycle cover.Immediately after you think your bike is adequately dry, do a full lube-job.If you do not ride your bicycle for a long time and store it in your house or garage,you need to prepare a bicycle cover to protect your bicycle from dust,rust,water and other dirty things.Remember to maintain your bicycle usually and you will ride the bicycle more comfortable and safe.

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