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Holding a barbecue party outside is very interesting for true barbeque lovers. In additions, sports fans make barbequing a part of the whole tailgate culture. BBQ lovers use a combination of grilling methods, from charcoal, and wood smoke, to propane or electricity. Not only BBQ party, but also numerous outdoor cooking ideas that will please anyone who loves grilled or smoked foods.

Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos

Cut jalapeno peppers and carefully remove the seeds. Fill them with chives mixed with cream cheese. Close the jalapenos and wrap them with a strip of bacon, and place a toothpick though the ends of the bacon to hold it in place. Grill until the bacon is fully cooked. Remember to coat the grill with oil or cooking spray to keep the peppers from sticking.

Smoked Barbecue Pork Ribs

Coat the raw pork ribs, with a spice rub. This rub can be homemade or purchased. Double check to make sure every area of the rack of ribs are covered with the BBQ rub; wrap the ribs in aluminum foil so the ribs will baste in their own juices. Place the ribs in a smoker or low-heat BBQ grill for 6 to 8 hours.

Grilled Vidalia Onions

Skin Vidalia onions and place them on small aluminum foil squares. Place a pad of butter on top of each sweet Vidalia onion. Sprinkle them with season salt, pull the four corners of the aluminum foil up over the tops of the Vidalia onions, and twist tight. Grill until the onions are soft.

Southern-Style Cheese Burgers

Mix equal parts of pork sausage and 80/20 hamburger. Divide out into quarter-pound patties. Heat the BBQ grill or slow smoker to 350 degrees. Scrape the grill clean, and coat the grill with canola oil so the burgers do not stick. Grill until all juices run clear, then place a piece of American cheese on top of each burger and serve hot.

Grilled Brisket Fajitas

Stab the brisket several times, cutting through the muscle and the fat portion of the brisket. Completely coat the brisket with a Tex-Mex style BBQ rub, pay close attention to getting the rub down inside the meat. Wrap with aluminum foil and cook on the grill of a smoker for 8-hours. While the meat is cooking, cut up, season, and grill the vegetable for the fajitas--peppers and onions. When the meat is fully cooked, pull it apart, and place in the middle of a platter surrounded with the grilled veggies and warm flour and corn tortillas.

I thought you should get many ideas for outdoor party and outdoor cooking. No matter what kind of outdoor grill you use, don’t ignore grill’s maintenance. You may select a cover to keep it clean and dry, make your grill last longer.

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