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Is there a kind of scooter covers can fits for all brand scooters? It is nearly impossible. Scooter covers from panda cover store, they offer several sizes to match up different brand and different size of scooter. From consumers' feedback, we found Panda Cover store scooter cover fits for Suzuki, Aprilia, Honda, Vespa, Honda scooter very well. What did they say in their comments?

Mark Kallal own Aprilia Sportcity 250. On his comments, he said:"The cover in size Large fits my Aprilia Sportcity 250 great. I do have to be careful covering hot pipes which have melted the cover before if you don't perfectly place the heat resistant edge over them. The waterproof finish does wear off after about a year or so but that is surviving outdoors in Seattle weather. It is so affordable I don't really mind replacing it after about 16-18 months because by then cats have marked it, birds etc. so I just replace it. The best part is it's easy to get on and off so when you come home in the rain you don't have to mess around too much. Recommended!! I also used this same size for my old Aprilia Mojito 150. "

Len Jacobs said the scooter cover fits for his my Vespa ET4 well if he bends each mirror down. "

This is a good scooter cover for the money. However, it does not fit well over both side view mirrors on my Vespa ET4. The cover's mirror pockets simply do not line up and I have to bend each mirror down to allow me to best stretch the cover over the front wheel. There is no problem with the fit over the rear luggage compartment, which usually is the case for scooter covers. The next cover size up would be overkill."

Steve Herman thought the cover fits his Honda Silver Wing well. The major problem is with the fabric that is supposed to protect the windshield. It became mildewed in less than 2 weeks so he cut the cotton panel out and am using it without. So far it's ok.

Charles Cantwell thought the scooter is absolutely perfect fit! He said:"Thanks for customer service's size advice. I want to buy a scooter cover for my wife Genuine Buddy Scooter, but I can not sure which size I need to order. Mary (customer service of Panda Cover store) suggests Size M to me. It fits like it was custom made. Nice material and workmanship."

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