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Did you know this phenomenon that protecting your car, vehicle, truck, MPV or SUV with a car cover can bring you 15% or more money at resale? Many car covers have different kinds, style, color sizes and so on. How do you choose?

You need to first choose whether or not you are looking for a generic or customized car cover. Universal covers are cheaper but offer a reduced amount of defense. A cover that does not fit well will damage your car by flapping in the wind and scratching your paintwork. In addition, it will permit dirt and dust to get into your car which will scratch your paint job when you put on and take off the protective cover. Then again, a customized cover provides a snug fit and most of the time can be secured or locked to guard against criminals.

Another choice that you will need to make is the level of defense that you need against water. Waterproof protective standard car covers are generally manufactured with some kind of plastic which is occasionally coated for added protection. These covers provide superb protection against water but have the drawback of occasionally trapping moisture between the cover and the car resulting in corrosion and damage to the paint job. These covers should be used in conjunction with a soft inner cover such as cotton that will prevent the condensation.

Water-resistant protective covers are extremely popular because the materials from which they're made permit the movement of air. These particular kinds of covers keep out most of the moisture and allow air to circulate around the vehicle thus preventing the formation of mold. Additionally they provide protection against ultraviolet radiation. Protective covers that are not waterproof are made of light fabrics such as cotton or flannel and not meant for extended outside use. Those gentle materials of car covers can be found on Because of it, you would generally use those.

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