Real or false reviews on car covers?

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When we visit online store, there are many shops own great reviews from customer. By the system of online store, some owner can change or add the reviews. We cannot know those reviews are real or not. Such as below reviews, are they real or not? Can you distinguish between real reviews and false reviews?

First reviews

I have had a number of car covers over the years and this is my most recent purchase. While most covers hold up well when used indoors, you really can't tell how they hold up to constant outdoor exposure until after a couple of years. I've had this cover a few weeks and just put it on a few days ago. It sheds water very well and the car appears to be dry under the cover. The other cover blew off my other car 3 times since, but this one stayed on! It's light weight enough to be washed easily and I hope it continues to shed water well after washing it. The mirror pockets seem to be just a tad bit high but that could be my car as the roof is lower. Since my car is a specialty conversion (ASC McLaren Capri Convertible) they don't have a listing for it. I went with the next best fit of a Mustang Convertible. The previous 2 covers were from Covercraft. The Weather shield HD fell apart just after the warranty expired. The other was the Ultratec which I had to reinstall 3 times this week and allows water to seep thru it. So far I am happy with the storm Proof cover. Only time will tell how well it holds up.

Second reviews

Ok, I am very happy with my cover it fits like a glove. It was a bit tight and would not go all the way on at first but once it stretched a little it was perfect. My getting the product was another story the cover was on back order from coverking which was not stated until almost two weeks after it was supposed to have shipped. I recieved an email notification that it had shipped but that was incorrect the shipping department at autoanything made a mistake and tagged it as a different part I had ordered. I noticed both parts had the same shipping number so I figured they were in the same box. So after discovering it was not in that box I called autoanything and they told me it was on back order and would be shipped on Friday from coverking and I would receive a new shipping notification. yeah that did not happen I received a new email that said it would ship out in another week. I was getting pretty ticked off by this point. I was just about to cancel the order when I got an email that said it was shipped. I called they confirmed with coverking it had shipped, one week later I got my car cover it fits perfectly. I hope the years to come will midigate the hastle that was getting the cover. I can say that the people I delt with from autoanything and coverking were very nice and I guess it was worth the wait. I have purchased several things from autoanything so far and I have gotten a better price than anywhere else once you use one of their online coupons.

We not only focus on checking the good reviews of product we want to buy, we also need to pay attention on the real and false reviews. Even I have over 3 years experience on shopping online, I still met some bad product which owned great reviews. The unceasing study and vigilance are 2 respects that we cannot lack.

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