Quality boat covers as storage for boat in winter and summer

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boat coverIf you do not have garage/ enough space to store your boat in winter/summer, what can you do when you meet this problem? Cameron F. finds a way to store his boat at winter. He hopes this method is feasible.

Cameron said:"I live in Kansas, and I am getting a boat. Can I leave it outside on the trailer covered during the winter? If I winterize it, and get a trailerable boat cover can I just leave it on the trailer or do I have to have indoor storage for it? It snows a lot here and it will never be used in saltwater (none around for 1500 miles)"

Barry W. gave a reply. He said:"No Problem leaving the boat outside. It is done all the time here in Michigan. Getting it shrink wrapped is the best idea, second to that would be a very heavy duty over sized water-proof cover that can reach your trailer. Secure the cover tightly to the trailer so that wind won't be able to disturb it. If you are able, try not to let snow accumulate on top of your cover. If fiber glass, clean and wax hull before putting the boat under boat covers!"

In winter with heavy snow, if you want to leave your boat outside, you should prepare a very heavy duty over sized water-proof boat cover for protection. It means you need to prepare a boat cover which is at least made of 600 Denier polyester/ Oxford, a high grade heavy duty material. If you only want to keep your boat from rain and dust, a universal boat cover is ok.

If you have a personal watercraft, and you have the same storage problem, you can deal with it in the same way. A quality personal watercraft cover will solve this problem perfectly. No matter which brand and kind of PWC you have, you can get the right size of PWC Jet Ski Cover as protection in market. You also can get a high performance-price ratio personal watercraft cover from Panda Cover Store.

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