Protect your motorcycle through clean, wax and cover

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Why we need to wash and maintain our motorcycle? Motorcycle owners usually take a lot of pride in how their bikes look. And we want to make our motorcycle last longer. A beaming owner beside a gleaming motorcycle is a very pleasing sight and attracts attention anywhere. Some work goes into keeping motorcycles in this condition, did you find it can be very enjoyable? How many respects we should payment attention when we clean and maintain our motorcycle cover?

First of all, regular care and cleaning of your motorcycle will help to maintain its looks. Your cleaning requirements will depend on how often you use and the type of the roads on which you use it. It is not advisable to get your motorcycle washed and cleaned at car washes as the very high pressure water jets can harm the exposed parts of the bike. Thus washing and cleaning the motorcycle yourself is safer.

When you want to wash your motorcycle, please ensure that always wash the motorcycle in a shaded area as in the hot sun the soap solution may dry off fast before you can rinse it, leaving ugly dry soap marks on the surface. This is one of the important motorcycles cleaning tips as otherwise a lot of you hard work can go to waste.

First maintenance step is wax your motorcycle after it cleaned and dried. After the surface is dry wax all the painted areas of your bike. A basic wax like Turtle Wax is good enough but you can look for alternatives if you want to. For cleaning minor rusted portions on chrome parts you can use an SOS pad and then coat it with wax. Depending on the type of seat you can use leather or vinyl treatment products.

Second maintenance step is cover your motorcycle by motorcycle cover when you part it outdoor. If you do not have garage to park your car, or your always park your motorcycle outdoor, you'd better to prepare waterproof motorcycle covers for protection. If you always park your motorcycle indoor, a dust proof and sun proof motorcycle cover is OK for motorcycle protection.

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