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Now, outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular with the rapid development of furniture. Outdoor furniture's  price is rising accordingly. Of course, you can buy ten-cent plastic furniture; but use of time is not long. High winds or bad weather can wreak havoc with this type of furniture. If you want to buy good quality furniture at a bargain price, you should fully prepared when you shop! There some steps will help you know how to pick the cheap outdoor furniture.

1. Take a weekend morning to head out to garage and rummage sales in your area. Know what type of outdoor furniture you're looking for, and how much you're willing to spend. Often, you can find furniture in good condition that people are simply replacing or downsizing. Their loss is your gain!

2. Look for good quality wood or metal furniture that will stand up to the elements. If you find wood furniture that needs refinishing, don't worry. You can always sand it and refinish or paint it. Don't overlook it if it's a bargain. You can paint metal, too!

3. Sit on the furniture to make sure it is stable and not damaged in any way. Look at the legs and feet to make sure they are not cracked or warped.

4. If you can't find what you're looking for at a garage or rummage sale, try the classified ads. Moving sales can be a great source of outdoor furniture bargains.

5. Check out end of season sales at your local home or building center. Often, end of the season items are reduced to a fraction of their normal selling price.

In a word, choose good quality furniture that still has some life in it. Don't buy anything that shows any sign of damage or wear. Pick inexpensive outdoor furniture can save your money.

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