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Outdoor Patio furniture covers include many different styles to fit for different kinds of furniture.
Here we main supply round patio furniture covers and rectangular patio furniture covers.
Each style, we also have different size to match customers' require.
Welcome to check your outdoor patio furniture covers size in the cover specification page.

Outdoor Garden Round Patio Set Cover

Material of the Round Patio Furniture Covers is Weather Proof Polyester in green color. It has different size option for you. This style is one of excellent outdoor product covers. Buy high quality, green, inexpensive and colorful outdoor furniture covers for your favorite things, get best protection.

Size: Dia 64”*33”(Dia 163*84 cm)

Dia 74”*33”(Dia 188*84 cm)

Dia 98”*41”(Dia 249*104 cm)

Outdoor Garden Rectangular Patio Cover

The material of outdoor Garden Rectangular Patio Cover is Weather Proof Polyester in green color. There are many size options for you. Our goal is let your outdoor products get best protect.

For 4 Seats Set: 85"*68"*35"(216*173*89cm)
For 6 Seats Set: 106"*71"*35"(269*180*89cm)
For 8 Seats Set: 116"*80"*35"(295*203*89cm)
For 8-10 Seats Set: 126"*75"*37"(320*191*94cm)

Round Table Cover for Outdoor Patio Furniture

The Round Table Cover's material is Weather Proof Polyester in green color. It has different size option for you. A excellent performance patio furniture cover will let your outdoor furniture get the best protection. 
For 4 Seat Round Table: Dia 40"*28"(Dia 102*71cm)
For 4-6 Seat Round Table: Dia 50"*28"(Dia 127*71cm)

The three kinds of patio furniture covers have four features:

1. Protect from harmful UV rays and dirt.

2. Breathable fabric ensures good air circulation.

3. Double stitched seams for maximum strength.

4. Reinforced grommets with a full-around-rope for tighting on.

There are so many kinds of outdoor furniture cover on this website: www.thepandacover.com for you to choose. Do not miss.

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