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Are you still bothered by buying outdoor furniture covers? How do you make a choice about which patio furniture cover to get ,an what sides should be watchful when buying a outdoor furniture cover.

outdoor furniture covers How to Measure for the Correct Size

Prior to shopping for your outdoor furniture covers you should place the furniture the way it will be grouped when it is covered. Put the chairs around the table the way they will sit when covered then measure the width, length and height including the chairs. You will want the cover to completely cover the table and the chairs around it. If your chairs are high backs, then the skirt will need to be long enough to cover nearly to the bottom. If it doesn’t extend low enough, then it won’t be as wind and water-proofed. For benches or chaise lounges, also be aware of the measurements, and allow for plenty of room. If you are unsure, or if the measurements are close, order the next size bigger.outdoor furniture covers

The Cover Material

Is the cover material heavy and substantial? Or is it light and flimsy? Winter winds can be brutal in certain parts of the country. You want the cover made from a very heavy durable material that is well water proofed and mildew-resistant.

Other Considerations

Are there enough fastenings around the bottom to secure the cover and keep it firmly anchored in high winds, and is your furniture heavy enough to stay down in the event of the cover balooning? If not, you might consider creating an “anchor” to put on the table top or chair seats, or near the corners to be fastened.

patio furniture covers Water or snow pooling in places may cause eventual rot or mildew. One solution to this, with tables, chairs or benches, is to place plastic milk crates on top of the furniture under the cover, so that the covered center is higher than the sides, and gravity can do its work to allow the moisture to run off. Alternatively you can buy a piece of PVC piping and place it in the umbrella hole. Figure out the height it needs to be to keep the cover taut, and cut the pipe to that height. Pad the end that will be against the inside of the cover.

Planning, forethought, careful measuring, and comparison with many shopping store, you will get the patio furniture covers that will fit yours.

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