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Published on by thepandacover wood furniture is a major investment that really enhances the look and functionality of your home.Preserving outdoor wood furniture is vital to extending the life of the products.The idea of using wooden furniture in an outdoor setting can be frightening for many homeowners.If wood is properly treated and cared for, it can withstand exposure to rain, sleet, snow, and sunlight
1 Two or three times per year, clean the furniture well and dry thoroughly. Dirt can deteriorate your furniture so frequent cleaning is key to longevity. There are products made especially for wood furniture cleaning and it is best to use one of these products first. Thoroughly hose down the furniture to remove any cobwebs or debris. Use the cleanser as directed by mixing in a bucket with water and scrubbing down the furniture.
2 Start out with the best outdoor woods. Not every wood is made for the wear and tear of outdoor
weather. Pine and red oak, for example, are just not made to handle the elements. Redwood, cypress and cedar are recommended for their natural ability to repel bugs. White oak and black locust are recommended for their ability to repel moisture. Teak and mahogany are also excellent tropical woods for outdoor use.
3 You should prepare a outdoor furniture cover for your furniture.Unlike plastic or metal, wood items are especially susceptible to moisture, sunlight and cold weather. It is recommended that you bring the furniture indoors during the winter months and cover it when not in use.Wood furniture that gets caught in the rain is more likely to warp and rot. Cover your outdoor furniture with waterproof protective covers when not in use.
4 Check any hinges or screws on the furniture to see if they are rusted. If so, replace with aluminum pieces that are rust-proof. Spray metal components with a little bit of WD-40 to keep them well-lubricated. Check them at least two or three times a year and spray with WD-40.
5 Clean wooden furniture before treating. In most cases simply brushing them off with a stiff-bristled brush is sufficient. However, a chair or table that's already been weathered to some degree may require a pressure washer. Be sure to let pressure-washed furniture dry fully before staining, about two hours.

With outdoor living becoming ever more popular, thoughts turn to the best type of outdoor furniture to use.Wooden outdoor furniture is a popular, classic option that lasts for years and comes in a huge range of styles.Even if teak garden furniture pieces are very sturdy, it is still necessary that you keep it well taken care of.

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