Maintenance Methods Of ATV

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More and more people have purchased ATV and motorcycles over the past several years. Along with the thrill of the ride, or the convenience of chores made easy, comes the responsibility of maintaining these machines.The proper maintenance allows the ATV to work much more efficiently with a longer operating life, so the regular maintenance for the ATV is highly required.
1)You should clean and tidy your ATV regularly.Many things can damage your ATV especially the dust and the mud.When you have free time you should clean it and keep the ATV from the mud when it be used in the work.You can buy an ATV cover to protect it from dust,water and mud to extend the useful life of ATV.
2)Air Filter: It's so quick and easy to pull the air filter, rinse/wash it with filter cleaner, blow it dry, treat with filter oil and reinstall that you should do so once a month and after every dusty ride. Tip: For extra engine protection in dusty conditions, use a genuine Arctic Cat prefilter.
3)Electrical.Check all electrical connections and systems if the ATV's engine does not turn over at all. This includes inspecting and replacing the main fuse and checking the snowmobile's battery, typically located underneath the main shroud on any ATV. Clean all battery terminals of buildup and replace all battery connections. Before re-installation, also charge the battery fully and tighten battery connections.
4)Engine Oil.Engine oil quality is a major factor that affects both the performance and the service life of the engine. Using the proper oil and filter, and regularly checking, adding, and changing oil will help extend your engine’s life. Even the best oil wears out. Changing oil helps get rid of dirt and deposits in the engine. Operating the engine with old or dirty oil can damage your engine. Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause serious damage to the engine and transmission. When running in very dusty conditions, oil changes should be performed more frequently than specified in the maintenance schedule.
5)Inspect your battery frequently to ensure it is in good condition. Check for signs of leaking acid; look for tarnished chrome and terminal corrosion.Check battery at least every two months and charge them to maintain their charging power and life. Having a portable charger is a good idea as this will eliminate the need to put them back into the ATV to be charged.

ATV’s are different than most vehicles. They travel in different terrains and basically have different should know how to get the most from your ATV by upgrading its abilities and maintaining it so it will always run efficiently. Maintaining your ATV is an important task to ensure that it has its constant performance and mobility about.

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