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There are many golf accessories available now. Golf cart is one of most important accessories. Here we are introducing golf cart accessories, golf cart covers. There are many styles of golf cart covers available in the market. We can group them in different functions, such as storage covers and driving covers. You also can custom the golf cart covers you want.


Golf Cart Storage Cover

Storage Cover is for parking and storing your golf cart. Golf cart storage covers are designed to protect your cart during storage, whether long-term or short-term, inside or outside. Prolonged exposure to rain, snow, sunlight, UV rays, and strong winds can be hard on your cart. By protecting the cart with a storage cover, you can keep the cart clean, protect the paint and finish, and reduce maintenance and repair work.

Golf Cart Driving cover/Rain Cover

Golf cart rain covers are designed to keep rain and moisture out of the cart. They have clear windows so that they can be used while you are driving the cart. Some rain covers are 3-sided, with the golf cart windshield protecting the fourth side of the cart. Other rain covers are 4-sided for use with golf carts with no windshields or to provide extra protection for golf carts with windshields.

Golf cart covers, style you want by your decision

Golf cart covers have different objectives. It depends upon factors like the size, shape and design of the cover. They design and produce golf cart covers by their survey. Some covers are used just to protect the cart from the scorching heat of the sun and sometimes from heavy rains. Certain covers are meant to protect the upholstery seats from getting damaged. Some covers protect the cart from dust while parked in a dusty area or left in the garage for a long period of time. You cannot decide which style of golf cart covers available, but you can choose the style of golf cart cover you want. First of all decide on what type of protective cover you need for the cart. The type of the cover depends upon the use or type of protection needed. Each cover have special uses like some protect from the sun, some from the rain and certain others just protect the seat and other upholstery.

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