Keeping safe when you drive scooter

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When driving car and riding your motorcycle. Safety should be the important thing.
Proper clothing is essential to safe riding. Wearing the right clothing makes the ride safer and more comfortable.
Helmets come in all sizes, from childrens sizes to extra large, make sure the helmet you choose fits well and is comfortable, it will spend many hours on your head. Always make sure you fasten the strap.
Your eyes are precious, and it does not take much to injure one. A fly screen or faring on a scooter is not eye protection.
Proper eye protection means an approved visor on your helmet, a pair of goggles or shatterproof glasses.
Motorcycle clothing is made in many sturdy materials: denim, nylon in its various guises, corduroy, and leather. Leather offers you the most protection. You can buy leather jackets with body protection pads and back protectors.
Protective clothing should be worn even for the shortest journey. 
Gloves should always be worn to protect against stone chips and hot scooter parts and to keep hands warm.
Specialist motorcycle boots give the best protection, trainers should be avoided.
So follow these tips and keep yourself safety when riding your scooter. When you do not need riding it, protect is also very important. Taking a scooter cover for it which can against water、dust and even bird dropping. Always keep your scooter dry and clean.
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