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Do you know something about ATVs? To tell the truth, I have never hear about ATV. I had no ideas that what ATV is and what the shape of an ATV is. Since I came into contact with ATV covers, I began to know ATV. Let me simply introduce something about it and the ATV cover.

All Terrain Vehicle (suitable for all terrain vehicles) is the full name of the ATV, it is difficult to use simple Chinese name to express its meaning. According to its appearance, it barely can be translated as "all-terrain four off-road motorcycle", but we still find it hard to pronounce. We usually call it "beach car", because in the soft sand, ATV tires can increase the large contact area with the ground, resulting in greater friction. Then coupled with the unique tread pattern that is not easy to spin the tire skid. So make it easy to travel in the sand. But in fact good quality and excellent performance not only driving the ATV on the beach, river, forest roads, streams, and even more harsh desert terrain. It can be easily conquered. Transferring personnel or transport goods to the ATV function on its head, called the all-powerful tool for action. So, please do not call it "beach car", and it is a very good means of transport, but also one of the great inventions of mankind. If only not be limited by the local environment, otherwise it would be the best partner one of the people, ATV, or call it!ATVs

The predecessor of the modern ATV - three low pressure tires, and use the locomotive in 1960 after the U.S. market. It is only the beginning of the design for the cross-country car, then gradually became a competitive car, utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, and so the family. Starting in the 1980s, various companies began to participate in and put to use for a variety of ATV production prototype, and it resulted in the 1985-1987 pandemic in the U.S. market, but also by three locomotives changed to four. With four vehicles increases, there has never been before four-wheel-driven cars are developed. Because of practical needs, four-wheel drive ATV market to expand substantially, and now ATV trend in North America, Europe, Oceania has spread to the world.

On the other hand, if you had no responsibility to take good care of it, you should not bought the ATV. And ATV covers can be the good assistants.ATV covers ATV covers

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