How to Wash your boat

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If you're a first-time boat owner, perhaps you aren't aware of just how important it is to thoroughly wash the salt water off after every use. For example, we were just on a 9 month old boat with a half tower and hardtop, that was little used, but loaded with salt. The aluminum pipe frame and other hardware on the boat was already badly corroded. Unfortunately, that is irreversible damage.

First, let me tell you about a few more bad things that salt can do to your boat. For example, did you know that salt can permanently stain window glass if you leave it on long enough? Yep, it can.

Salt actually has several negative effects on anything it comes in contact with. First, you already know that it is corrosive to metals. What you're less likely aware of is that it is also corrosive to boat finishes of all kinds, including gel coat. That's why the finish on your hull sides, which don't get much sun, also deteriorates as though it were getting the full dose of ultra violet. But when salt dries into crystals, it's also abrasive, just like sand.

Moreover, salt is hydroscopic. That means that salt is capable of condensing water out of the atmosphere when humidity is high. That's why they put salt on dusty roads to keep the dust down. The salt will also mix with dew at night to become salt water once again.

When washing down. You should first spray the entire boat with a fine spray to get everything wet. The reason is that it takes a minute or two for dry salt crystals to dissolve completely.

After you wet everything, give it a few minutes for salt crystals to dissolve. Then come back and hose it down thoroughly. For the final rinse, start from the top down, doing the hull sides last.  On a flying bridge boat, start with the bridge first. This will help prevent water streaking at those points where water runs down from the superstructure, finally rinsing the hull sides last.

And after you wash your boat, maybe you need a boat cover that will keep your boat clean when you do not drive it.

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