How to take care the outdoor patio furniture during winter?

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In many parts of the U.S., homeowners are getting ready for winter. One task often neglected is taking care of the outdoor patio furniture.

Properly preserving outdoor patio furniture during the winter weather will help retain its appearance and structural integrity for when you’re ready to use it again in the spring.

Our experts say some types of outdoor furniture require protective measures, while others need just a little bit of care.

  • Aluminum: Patio furniture made of aluminum can be left out year round. Drain the water out of the frames, clean it up and put a cover over it and it can stay outside all season long.
  • Wood: Wood furniture can be left out 24-7. Wood should never be covered. If you cover it, and moisture gets trapped under the cover, you can get mold and mildew.
  • Wicker: Wicker expands and contracts with heat and humidity so bring all wicker and cushions inside.
  • Steel: Steel-frame furniture, such as wrought iron, should be stored if possible. Left to the elements, steel furniture will rust. Touch up any scratches or nicks so it’s ready come spring.
  • Natural stone: Outdoor tabletops need to be sealed two or three times a year and it’s preferable to bring them inside in the cold weather. Natural materials have cracks and crevices. During freezing weather, water gets in there and starts to expand and contract, which could tear the tabletop.
  • Maintenance: All outdoor furniture should be cleaned twice a year – once in the spring when you get it out and again in the fall when you put it up. There are special patio furniture cleaners available, but water and a mild detergent work as well. Avoid power washing furniture, which can be a bit abrasive to the furniture. Use a hose instead to rinse off.

Protect the outdoor furniture that is very important if you sill want to use it after winter. Some outdoor furniture covers will help you keeping your furniture clean and against water dust and UV when you storage it.
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