How to storing the battery and Jet ski

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For Jet Ski, how to storing the battery is one of the important things. But how many things do you know about it?
There are some tips that maybe can help you.

1. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery first, followed by the positive terminal and remove the battery.

2. Store the battery in a warm area, such as the garage or a shed.

3. Check the water level of the battery once each month while it is stored and keep it attached to a trickle charger.

4. Prevent flat or damaged tires by removing them and storing them indoors. Set the trailer on cement blocks or jacks for the winter, making sure it is level.

5. Place a rag or steel wool into the exhaust to stop any animals or bugs from using it as a nesting spot.

6. Put a Jet Ski cover on the Jet Ski to protect it and keep it clean and dry during the winter.

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