How to storage your ATV for longer term?

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Fist you should remove your battery.
Note: If your battery is going to be sitting for a year or so it will probably be junk however it doesn't hurt to attempt to keep it in working order. Store the battery in a cool place where it won't freeze.
Remove spark plugs and squirt a little oil in each cylinder. Rotate the engine one or two revolutions then replace the plugs.
Unbolt your disk calipers without removing the brake hose. Put them in a plastic bag closed with zip ties. Hang them with zip ties or something similar so that they are not suspended by the brake lines.
Spray the disks with fogging oil.
Drain the new gas. Yes drain the new treated gas. You won't get all of it out and you want what is left to be new treated gas.
Spray the inside of the gas tank with fogging oil.
If possible Cover the air filter with a plastic bag and close it with duct tape. At least close up the air intake holes.
Cover the openings of your exhaust with plastic bags.
Support the motorcycle on a solid stand so that both wheels are barely off the floor.
Fill the oil tank to the very top.
If water cooled drain the new coolant.
Taking a ATV cover that keep the whole ATV clean and dry.
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