How to maintain trike if you have one?

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After you have ridden your first 1,000 miles, bring in your trike so we can check the heim joints and grease them if necessary. You should make sure that everything is working correctly for you. If you ride in rain, grease the heim joint on the non-independent suspension trikes sometime in the week following the ride. This is very important to remember because the rainwater tends to wash out the grease. The fender bras need to be removed when you are done riding if they are wet. They snap off easily to dry out. If they are left wet on the fender, they can damage the paint. You can use some good spray grease for the heim joints, Honda Polish to clean and wax the trike, and Amsoil for the oil changes. For more detailed information, see owner’s manuals under “Getting Started”. And, of course, there’s the yearly inspection needed, just like a motorcycle. And you need a motorcycle trike cover, Which can keep your trike clean from rain、other water and dust.

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