How to keep your minivan clean and tidy

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No doubt about that,if your car is dirty and stink, it's an unpleasant experience to sit in it and your passengers will be uncomfortable.Keep the minivan clean and tidy is important for minivan owners.There are many things about minivan clean to know and study.We can clean our minivan by ourself or by automatic wash.
Clean minivan by hand is the best way.Clean a minivan by hand allows a car owner to make sure every part of the car's body gets cleaned and properly dried, but the process can take a very long time.Clean your car. Start with the basics by clearing everything out of the car and removing all trash. Before wiping, shampooing, or adding anything to your car's interior carpet, upholstery, dashboard, etc.Don't forget to clean the back or boot of the  minivan as well. The dirty things could be coming from anywhere.Clean up all spills immediately. They are much easier to remove when they first occur and will leave the least odor behind when removed fast. Also, do a regular sweep to remove food scraps, empty drink bottles, and any organic materials that have been traipsed into the car on fee, clothing, and equipment.Remove floor mats and other items sitting on the carpet from the van. Sweep the carpet with a hand-held vacuum, or with a sweeper attachment. Use an extension cord on the sweeper if needed to reach the carpet in the van.
The other method about clean minivan is automatic wash.An automatic wash allows a driver to clean his car quickly and easily, with little or no effort. An automatic wash can also clean the undercarriage of a vehicle easily, while hand washing an undercarriage may be more difficult or impossible. The advantages of an automatic car wash include time savings, a lack of physical effort, and a fairly thorough clean.But automatic wash have risks such as damage to the car, spotty washing and drying, and an inability to pay close attention to trouble spots and so on.Now There are a lot of controversy for automatic wash.
In reality minivan is a portable household with everything you need and want while you're on the go.To keep minivan clean and tidy we can do many things.There are all kinds of products in the market.Use Lysol (the old-fashioned kind) to kill off that smell. A product called Ozium also works very well and has a very mild scent. It can often be found in auto parts stores.We also buy minivan covers from store and online shop to protect our minivan from dust,rain,bird droppings and another dirty things.
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