How To Keep Your Car Away Rust

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Rust greatly decreases the value of your car, and for good reasons. Not only is rust unsightly; once rust begins to form, it continues to spread and is hard to remove and repair.In order to keep your car from rusting or stop your car's rusting, there are several tips you can consider.
1 Car covers – A Rust Prevention Investment.You don't have to be a meteorologist to know that harsh weather can do a number on your car's finish. An occasional spring shower poses no real threat to your car. However, seemingly harmless rain can find its way into tiny scratches or blemishes and start the corrosion process and become rust on the surface of your car.A water-resistant car cover will keep your car high and dry.So cover can help your car away the rust damage.
2 If you live in an area where there is snow and ice on the road, the authorities usually use salt on the roads which can result in rust on your car’s undercarriage.When you find yourself in these types of environments you must wash your car more frequently. I recommend washing your car down weekly if you are in an area with salty roads or if you are living so near the coast that you get a salty film on your car.
3 A coat of wax provides a barrier against road salt and helps prevent winter rusting.Once your car is clean, apply a coat of protective wax to the car’s body.After waxing the car’s body, use a specialty wax to give the vehicle’s undercarriage the same protection. Your car’s undercarriage suffers the greatest risk of rust due to its direct exposure to road salt and the fact that there is no paint barrier protecting it from the elements.
4 Don't let your interior carpet get wet. Wet interior carpet takes a lot of time to dry. It usually takes a week to become totally dry. If your carpet is often wet, this will result in rust formation. The floor is the least maintained area because of the carpet covering it. To avoid rust formation, you should peel off the carpet every 6 months and check if there's rust forming at the floor. Use a steel brush to clean off the rust and apply acrylic epoxy primer to it. 4 to 5 layers of paint is best for complete protection.
5 Apply a smooth layer of glazing putty to the cleaned area in order to fix car scratches, if any. Once it dries, take a good quality auto primer and apply three coats of the same on the affected area. Make sure that you give some time for each coat to dry before applying the next coat. After the third coat, you should preferably allow the primer to dry overnight. Once it's dry, you can apply the fresh coats of car paint using a spray gun.

Keeping your car away rust is very important, but most of us do not realize that our car--bright and shiny from all obvious angles--may be suffering from a serious attack of rust that is out of sight.Our car is one of the most precious investments that we have and they will take good care of us and our family on the road as we travel.We should protect it from major damage like rust and treat our cars as our friends.

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