How to judge whether an ATV cover is good or not?

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 ATV covers When buying ATV covers or other vehicle covers, what things do you need to know? There are some tips for you. Material, breathability or other things that will influence your judgment are as following.


The thickness of an ATV cover is measured by the denier of the fabric. The higher the number, the thicker the fabric is. For example, a 300 denier ATV cover is denser and will last longer than a 200 denier cover. Heavier fabric costs more but will hold up better when exposed to harsh weather conditions. ATV covers


Since an ATV cover that repels water can also trap moisture underneath the cover, it’s important to buy a cover with a venting system. Vent flaps not only allow condensation to evaporate but they reduce wind lofting, which can damage the cover. The vents should be designed to allow moisture to escape without letting rain get inside the cover.

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If you only need the cover for storage, consider how much your ATV will be exposed to the weather. If you store the ATV outside in harsh weather, look for a heavy duty cover with plenty of tie downs. If you store the ATV inside a shed or garage, a lighter cover will work to keep out dust and dirt.

Thepandacover Covers

Thepandacover ATV covers are made of 190T polyester taffeta material with PU coated. These can protect your paint from harmful UV rays and dirt. Meanwhile, breathable fabric material avoid mildew inside cover. Double stitched seams for maximum strength. Elasticated front and rear bottom hems for a snug fit. Storage bag included. Those correspond with the choosing requirements.

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