How to clean your motorcycle cover

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Motorcycle covers easily get dirty with dust, dirt, oil and bird droppings. And when the cover gets dirty, sooner or later your bike gets dirty. If your motorcycle gets dirty by dirty motorcycle cover at once after you wash and wax your motorcycle. This is not a happy thing for everyone. Dirty motorcycle cover cannot protect your motorcycle very well. You should clean it when it gets dirty. There are just 3 steps on washing motorcycle covers.

heavy duty motorcycle covers First, Preparing to Clean the Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle covers are made of a variety of materials and all the good ones are weather proof. Earlier a plastic sheet would have been used but with the latest technologies a number of highly durable and weather resistant products are available. A number of them will come with detailed instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean them. The safest method of cleaning motorcycle covers is by hand. Some are machine washable with definite instructions. For normal covers with no special instructions prepare yourself by wearing appropriate attire. Wear something that you don’t mind getting stained or messy. Get plenty of hot and cold water and keep it at hand. Find a place where you can wash your cover.

Second, Getting Rid of Stains

Using a mild washing powder directly on the spots can help get rid of tough stains on the motorcycle covers. Leave the detergent to soak into the stains for a few minutes. Add some washing powder into a bucket or sink filled with warm water. Gently wash the cover in the warm soapy water until the water runs clear. Remember to use plenty of water, draining and refilling with fresh water until you are satisfied. Rinse thoroughly.

Third, Rinse and Air Dry Your Motorcycle Cover

Rinse the cover thoroughly before letting it dry. Any soap residue left on the cover may compromise its quality. There should be no suds left on the motorcycle cover after you rinse it. Allow it to air dry instead. Make sure the cover is completely dry before using it on your motorcycle or folding it for storage.

Tip on washing motorcycle cover

Do not wash your motorcycle cover in washing machine. Do not dry it in washing machine or by dryer. These ways will destroy your motorcycle cover easily.

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