How to buy a used SUV

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It will save you much money on buying used SUV. But you need to pay close attention on it. It is not easy to find a best suitable SUV in high performance-to-price ratio. There are some tips on how to buy a used SUV.

First of all, you should identify Your Needs.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to a vehicle. A decision on which SUV to by will depend partially on where you live and how you are going to use your vehicle. If you plan on moving more cargo than people, something with easily removable rear seats and a wide rear cargo compartment, such as a Chevy Tahoe or a Ford Expedition may be better for your needs than a streamlined sporty model. All wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are also nice, but can be unnecessary in many areas - such as in the city. While the extra options may sound nice, they will also add to the price of the vehicle.

Secondly, find Out How the SUV Has Been Used

One of the wonderful things about many SUVs is the ability for them to function as competently in some tasks as a pickup truck. However, this can be a downside for some second-hand owners. While a hard working life may not be a sure indication of early demise, it is definitely a factor to consider. Heavy off-road use is especially taxing, and should be considered a negative. Make sure to inquire with the previous owner or dealer as to what the vehicle has previously been used for. A Vehicle History Report (VHR) can also help you identify if the SUV has been in any major accidents.

Third, test Drive Different Sizes

If you have the ability to take your pick from the broad range of SUV sizes, it's worth taking the time to drive a number of different sized autos to find which makes you the most comfortable. Don't forget to factor in your environment as well. If you plan on a lot of driving in congested urban areas it may be worth looking at something on the smaller side of things. This may also help keep your fuel bills lower. At the very least, it will make parallel parking less stressful.

Forth, make Sure All the Extras Work

If the used SUV you're considering is equipped with entertainment add-ons, make sure they all work. Obviously issues with these items won't leave you on the side of the road, but fixing broken components can be pricey. Additionally, if the SUV has selectable four-wheel drive it's a good idea to make sure the transition process from two-wheel to four-wheel drive is smooth.

Fifth, find Out How Much Maintenance Will Cost

The extra "truck like" components in some SUVs will require maintenance not generally necessary on many other automobiles. For instance, four-wheel drive components require regular attention to keep them in dependable working order. Another sometimes surprising cost can come in the form of tires. As any careful observer will note, larger SUVs will require tires that are substantially bigger than what is found on many smaller vehicles. These larger tires are priced accordingly, so this is an important factor to consider when finding the perfect match for your transportation needs.

Sixth, price Negotiation Tips with Used SUV Dealers

You will save more money when buying a used SUV. Consult the local newspaper or the Internet for the estimated market value of the chosen used SUV. Take the truck for a test drive and fully inspect the engine bay and interior to check for overall condition. You could negotiate a lower price if you manage to find certain discrepancies such as worn interior, absence of a spare tire, dents on the body panel and other irregularities that you discover in the test drive (such as worn suspension parts). The overall condition of the SUV will determine the price or value as dictated by the seller. When buying a used SUV, it would be best to bring a knowledgeable mechanic to check the engine and suspension parts.

A used SUV need more care than new. And good care will extend service life of your SUV. So please do not forget to prepare some necessary maintenance tools, such as SUV covers, and similar tools. SUV car cover also be a cheapest protection tool to save your investment on SUV.


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