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It cannot be denied that the necessary of scooter cover for scooter protection. But not all scooters are perfect and fit for the scooter, not every scooter can match up the requirements from user. For example, 3 customers buy the same scooter from the same store; they got 3 different reviews on it. If rate those 3 reviews, it can be rated as good, average, poor.


First one, poor. This customer said:” I was disappointed with this scooter cover. I have a Honda Elite 110cc scooter. This cover doesn't fit it very well. But worse than that, the cover is kind of shapeless and it has no markings so it's hard to tell the front from the back. I won't use this cover every day like as I was planning to. I will probably only use it when I put the scooter away for the winter.”


Second one, good. This customer got the scooter cover he ordered, and put his reviews on the store:” Power Scooter Cover. I just want to say that the service from Amazon was excellent as was the product (scooter cover) that I received. I ordered it on August 09th and received it on the 13th. Keep up the good work and I would have no problem with ordering from you again. If the need arises. Thank you, Nick, Waynesboro, Pa.”


Third one, average. The third customer put a usual comment on the scooter cover he got. Title of this review is “good enough”. He said:” I've had two of these covers now. I keep buying the same one because I know it will fit on my scooter. I use the large size cover on a 150cc Eagle Craft Venice with a tail box. I have to park outside all year, rain or sun, and the first cover ripped to shreds from exposure after about 1 1/2 year of constant use. The new one is fading already, after a month or so in the summer sun. Easy to put on. Not particularly waterproof, after a rain storm I have to go out and flip up the edges to let the water drains out. Keeps the dust and gunk from wind/leaf blowers off, and I suppose that is all that really matters for now.”


Why those 3 reviews are so different? They ordered the same size, the same style of scooter covers from the same store. But the reflections from them are not the same. Requirement of them are not the same, which may be the basic elements. Of course, there are some other reasons to cause the different reviews. Someone may say, if a product good enough, it must own good reviews from all customer. But, is this impossible?


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