Drive Less To Reduce The Occurrence Of Smog

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China has repeatedly appeared smog weather in 2013.As we all know that the smog weather often appear the industrial city,but this time,the haze weather also occurred at the coastal city such as Suzhou,Shanghai,Hangzhou and other famous city.This type of air pollution are being payed more and more attention by people from all over the world.
The reason why the smog caused the attention of the people of the world is the dangerous of haze.The term"smog"describes a mixture of emissions--including emissions from industry pollutants,cars and other vehicles,open burning,and incinerators--under specific climate conditions.When the fog happened,many industries are affected,transportation most directly influenced by this weather.Thick masses of fog are often dense and can rapidly drop visibility levels.The driver of car,motorcycle,bike and another land transportation cannot see where he is going without proper vision.Joggers or boat operators as well,for example,can quickly loose a sense of direction;endangering themselves and others.And it is no doubt that airport must be forced to close.Smog will damage the environment.Smog can cause discoloration,damage and loss of leaves which can inhibit photosynthesis.Air pollutants in smog can also change the pH of rainwater,leading to acid rain that can damage plant and animal ecosystems.The most serious damage of smog is that it can threaten human health.Smog can cause lung cancer much like frequent smoking.Smog can also damage pulmonary membranes in your heart causing pain,discomfort,coughing and throat irritation.Smog also can cause breathing problems especially in people who have asthma.

Know the dangers of the smog,do you know what causes smog?Smog-forming pollutants come from many sources such as automobile exhaust,power plants,factories and many consumer products,including paint,hairspray,charcoal starter fluid,chemical solvents,and even plastic popcorn packaging.Car emissions are one of the largest causes of smog.Now owing a car is not a difficult things for most people and car have become a kind of fashion.As the cars have provided us with so much convenience,it has also brought a lot of damage of environment.Do you want to have a healthy life environment?Why do you choose another ways such as bike,foot instead of driving car to reduce the occurrence of smog.
If you plan to drive less,you must meet the problem of car storage.You will worry that the can will be damaged when the car parking in the parking lot.This is the fact,there are a lot of things may damage your car such as rain,dust,mud,sunshine,yellow leaves and bird droppings.Not all people can park the car in the garage,so most people will meet this problem.Don’t worry,car cover can help you solve this problem.You can cover your car when you do not drive your car for sever days even sever weeks.The car cover can give your car the best protection.It is very easy to purchase a car cover.There are many car supplies store and online shops are selling the car cover.Take the“Panda Cover”as an example,you can visit their shop and found that there are many kinds of car covers with good quality and suitable price.Take some money to buy a car cover and drive less to reduce the occurrence of smog,you will have more and more healthy environment.

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