Don’t Let Your Car Far Away From The Fashion Of Bumblebee

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There are already three movies about transformers had played in the world and these three movies were the most popular movie at that time.So more and more people become the transformers fans and all of fans are looking forward to see more movies about transformers.Transformers toys are one of the most favorite toys for most boys all the time,transformers are the children’s heroes in their childhood.However,the movie of transformers let the people from all over the world know and love transformers in the modern time.
The movie trailer has been showed and this movie have been decided to public play in the USA on June 27,2014.All transformers fans are not disappointed now.The movie of<Transformers 4>is in the process of shooting,more and more people are looking forward this movie and pay more and more attention to notice the process.There are sever transformers in this movie such as Optimus Prime,Bumblebee,Ratchet,Hound and so on.In the trailer,the Bumblebee is so eye-catching and become the focus of attention.In the movie,Bumblebee is the first car of the hero Sam Witwicky----Gm Chevrolet Camaro.Bumblebee is a little scrub in the family of transformers and he usually been treated as a younger brother by another transformer.But he is very brave when he completing the dangerous task.So Bumblebee is the virtual hero in these 4 movies and he is one of the most popular transformers.In this<Transformers 4>,Bumblebee is changed to yellow racing car with stripe GMC Chevrolet Camaro.
Bumblebee will must become the the representative of the fashion in the coming year.We can trust that the yellow car will become the super star in the street.More and more people will pay their attention to Bumblebee.So more people will purchase this type of car because they love this car and want to chase after fashion.Your car is not yellow and you do not have enough money to purchase a new yellow car,you may feel sorrow if you do not have a yellow car.You can take some methods to change your car to yellow such as change your car paint.This sounds like a good idea,but you must know that this will spend you a lot of money.Why do you go to purchase a yellow car cover?We do not make our car become the real Bumblebee,but we can give a yellow car cover to our car as the fans of the bumblebee.In this case,we are not completely out of fashion,are’t we?“Panda Cover”offer the yellow car cover with high quality and suitable price,you can purchase from their website directly and if you have any questions,you can contact them any time,they will give you the reply as soon as possible.

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