Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Your Car When You Celebrate The New Year

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The year of 2013 will soon be over and the new year 2014 is coming to us.New Year's Day falls on January 1 and marks the start of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar.People all over the world will hold all kinds of activities to celebrate the New Year.People hold activities to pray for that the next year is a happy and lucky year and say goodbye for the last year.
Generation to generation, we celebrate this holiday in the same fashion and according to the same ways as our ancestors, and even other countries.There are so many activities will be held in the USA or another countries and people are willing to do.Fireworks are the important and necessary in the new year,people make noise when the New Year comes in.They cheer, sing, use noisemakers and have fireworks.Singing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight on New Year's Eve has become a tradition in America. The song comes from Scotland where at home they join arms in a circle and sing. Then they wait for the first person to enter the house after midnight.Some foods considered “lucky”to eat during the festivities such as circular shaped foods,black-eyed peas,cabbage and pork.Americans like to celebrate the New Year with their friends and families. Check with your friends and consider having or attending a party at someone’s house.People make resolutions to do something about what they have failed at in the old year and promise themselves they will do something about it in the new year.In addition to these,another activities are also welcomed such as parade,kissing at midnight,visit relatives and friends and so on.
In the New Year,you may do some things in the day.You may watch the firework in the square.You can sing the "Auld Lang Syne"with your friends.You can eat the lucky foods with your family members in the warm house.You can attend a party at your friend’s house or you may watch TV with your children to see the Ball Drop in New York.You can do many things to celebrate the new year and you must feel happy and pleased.In this time,do you can remember your car?And do you think that the car need to been care in the cold weather?
If there are two cars in the parking lot.One car do not have any protection and the body of the car is full of snow.The other car is protected by car cover and the snow is full of the car cover instead of full of the car.Which car will be good in the winter?It is no doubt that the car have car cover will have the long service life.Don’t forget to take care of your car when you celebrate the New Year,the lucky food only let you have a delicious dinner but the good car will make sure your safety in your life.So you must pay attention to give your car a good care.
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