Do not let dirty car cover destroy your new cleaned car

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waterproof car covers Did you meet a problem like this guy? "I just washed my car today (moderate detail). But I am afraid to put my car cover on. I’m worried the cover, which has already been put on the car while semi-dirty, will get the paint dusty again. Does anyone here have any experience with this? I know I could wash the cover, but it's only a month old. I wouldn't think it would make much sense to wash your car cover THAT often."

If so, it's time to wash your car cover to make your car get better protection. There are five steps to clean your car cover.

First, use a clean, soft cloth dampened with a mild soapy solution to spot clean the car cover for the best results before you wash it.

Second, scrub gently in a circular motion any stubborn stains or grime that is on the car cover.

Third, wash the car cover by hand if you are up to the task. This is often the best solution for thin, flimsy car covers. Use a soft cloth dampened with a mild soapy solution or an all purpose cleaner.

Forth, wipe any residue from the car cover by using a bucket of clean water and a clean, soft cloth. Wipe the car cover gently until all residue has been removed, rinsing the cloth in between wipes.

Fifth, hang the car cover on a sturdy laundry line to dry. Do not place the cover into the dryer as this can damage the car cover. Flip the car cover over several times on the laundry line to ensure that all of it dries properly.


Do not wash your car cover in Washing Machine.

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