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What you should know if you never own a PWC in previous? First of all, brand of PWC is the first thing you should know. How many top brands of PWC? and which one should be the best one? A small discussion on best PWC in Iboats forum showed its discussed result.

Topic is released by ADK_Boater. Title of this topic is "What is the Best Brand of PWC? What Should I Avoid? "

He said:"I'm a boat guy and I've never owned a PWC before. I don't even like calling them PWC's, I just want to call them Jet-Ski's even though I know that is a specific type of stand up PWC. Anyway from now on I'm calling it a Jet-Ski. So, who is the most reliable manufacturer of Jet-Skis. I've only ridden Yamahas. The Three man I rode in St. Thomas (the only vacation I've ever been on) ten years ago was nice. It had a governor that prevented it from doing over 50 but it was really stable, and I beat on the thing as hard as I could and it took it. No experience with other brands. Any opinions or factual stats would be appreciated. "

Jim S123 said:""Best" is an opinion. What to avoid is anything that was owned by a kid, or any 2-stroke.

Yamis are bulletproof and easy to work on. But they are tippy and offer a somewhat wet ride at times. If you want a ski that will work all the time, buy a Yami.

Seadoos can be finicky at times, but the later models are bulletproof as well. As long as you take care of it you'll be OK. Servicing them is a bit harder - not user friendly. Doos are the sharpest looking. If you ride a Yami you'll say "Oh this is fun". After riding a Doo, you'll say OMG this is fantastic and you'll probably call in sick the next day!

Kawis are boring, but fast. Not much storage space.

Hondas are butting ugly and the dealer network is poor.

All the rest are crap - that's why they aren't in business anymore."

Leardriver said:"I have had a Honda in the past, and found it to be flawless workmanship, great performance and reliability. Yamaha is right there with it, with better dealer support and usually a drier ride in the newer four strokes. The Sea Doos have great styling, ok performance, and miserable reliability. Look at the for sale ads, and see how many two year old Sea Doos already have a new engine. Same with Ski Doo snowmobiles. Engine durability doesn't seem to be a consideration with those guys. Too bad, because the hull and styling are appealing. It would be hard to beat a Yamaha or Honda. Kawasaki is a decent third choice. "

Slag said:"I had a tigershark 1100 that was extremely fun to ride, carved well, very stable, a great family machine. Sucks they went out of business because later on, they had some of the best hulls available in the late 90's. I've owned a ton of older 2 stroke pwc's, 92, 94, 96 sea doo, 98 tiger shark, 92 Polaris sl650, two 97 Kawasaki 900 zxis, several X2s, several 650sxs, a 440, two 550s, a 750 sxi pro, but never a Yamaha. Wish I had a superjet! I don't think you can go wrong with anything out there right now, but i agree with the statement that Yamaha are among the best, with Kawasaki and sea doo a 2nd and third, at least in the realm of 2 strokes. As with everything, maintenance is paramount."

When you bought one PWC from these 4 brands: Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Sea Doo, don't forget to buy one PWC Jet Ski cover to protect your PWC. That is the good way to protect your Jet Ski when you not ride it. Just as trailerable boat cover, it is the best way to protect, store and keep your boat clean and dry when you not use your boat.

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