Different kinds of protective covers for scooter

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Thousands of customer shopping experience in Panda Cover you can trust. Buy waterproof scooter covers, fast free shipping from customers' local warehouse (USA, UK, AU and Germany). Your scooter will be well protected by Panda Cover's scooter. We have 3 kinds of scooter covers. They are standard waterproof scooter covers, deluxe heavy duty scooter covers and cotton lined scooter covers. Welcome to choose one kind of scooter covers based on your needs.


Standard waterproof scooter covers: $24

Deluxe heavy duty scooter covers: $55

Cotton lined scooter covers: $47

Package contains:

1 piece of scooter cover

1 piece of elastic rope for tie down

1 piece of carry bag for cover storage

Product guarantee:

2-6 years, depends on different kinds of scooter cover

Panda Cover's scooter cover is made out of durable, waterproof polyester that is expertly designed to protect against rain, snow, sun, dust, mold, and mildew. This cover is also fully breathable, making it great for both indoor and outdoor in long term storage. If you want to get more info on scooter protective covers, please click photo of scooter cover, welcome to Panda Cover.

(Resource: www.thepandacover.com.)

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