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Let your Grill and BBQ away from dust, sun, rain and snow, you need a great grill cover or BBQ cover to get protection.
Our Grill and BBQ covers, there are many different sizes available.
Welcome to check your Grill and BBQ Cover size in the cover specification page. Are you still let your Grill and BBQ stay in dust, sun, rain and snow? Do you find your Grill and BBQ become old with rust. Our Grill covers and BBQ covers can solve this problem for you. The material of our BBQ Cover is Water Proof Polyester in black color. It has different size option for you and can protect your garden furniture from rain, sun, dust and others.grill covers


Thepandacover BBQ grill covers sizes:






1. Protect from harmful UV rays and dirt.

2. Breathable fabric ensures good air circulation.

3. Double stitched seams for maximum strength.

4. Reinforced grommets with a full-around-rope for tighting on.

5. Detail size of our Grill and BBQ covers, welcome to check above.grill covers

Many of our customers have a positive imagine on our grill covers. Some reviews of our BBQ covers from them are really positive and those can be reference for you when buy a BBQ cover.

Gwendolyn M. said: “The Store has everything we were looking for! Every type of outdoor furniture cover we could have needed in a variety of sizes. Will absolutely use this store again and recommend to others.”

Aubrey D. said: "After buying cheaper furniture covers over the years that didn't last more than 6 months, I finally found a high quality that even looks good. It has a very classy look. Very happy with it. We've already had several bad wind/rainstorms and it hasn't budged."grill covers

Jacqueline D. said: “The panda cover was not hard to put on at all. I installed it in the sun and the vinyl was easy to work with. With winter coming I am glad to have the front end protected.”

Andrea S. said: “This cover fits my unit perfectly, The venting is great, too, because it allows air to circulate underneath to help prevent mold. It's the best I've seen yet.”

Paddy K. said: “The stuff is perfect for our grill island and I just ordered covers for bench set”

Gina Y. said: “These covers are outstanding. I have purchased covers now for all of my outdoor furniture and grill .”

Everything is floating clouds. We do ought to believe our ears and eyes. Until we experience it by ourselves, we do believe it is really true or that good. Welcome to the pandacover.

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